How children learn to write

Just recently the university created an impact narrative based upon the research work I have conducted that highlights the relationship between drawing and writing. If you are interested please click on the following link:

If this tweaks your curiosity you may like to read:

Mackenzie, N.M. (2014). Teaching early writers: Teachers’ responses to a young child’s writing sample. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 37(3), 182-191.

Mackenzie, N.M. & Petriwskyj, A. (2017). Understanding and supporting young writers: opening the school gate. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 42 (2) 78-87.

Mackenzie, N.M. (2011). From drawing to writing: What happens when you shift teaching priorities in the first six months of school? Australian Journal of Language & Literacy, 34(3), 322-340.

Mackenzie, N.M., & Veresov, N. (2013). How drawing can support writing acquisition: text construction in early writing from a Vygotskian perspective. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 38(4), 22-29.

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My name is Noella Mackenzie and I am an Associate Professor (Adjunct) at Charles Sturt University, Albury-Wodonga Campus in NSW, Australia and a Senior Fellow of the Australian Literacy Educators' of Australia. I also work as an independent education consultant. I am also a daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother who loves to read, garden and travel. While my career has always been in education, there have been four distinct phases. The first phase was that of classroom teacher – teaching children from 5-12 years of age in a number of primary schools. The second phase of my career saw me working as a specialist professional development provider working with teachers in early intervention and special education. The third phase had me working as an academic at Charles Sturt University. That role involved me teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students, researching and continuing my work with teachers and parents of young children. The fourth phase sees me working as an independent education consultant, supporting school systems and schools with professional learning input for teachers. I am passionate about teaching and in particular early literacy development. I am proudly the product of public education. I grew up on a farm and went to the local primary and high schools where I was fortunate to have some fabulous teachers. My Diploma of Education (Early Childhood) was earned at the Riverina College of Advanced Education in Wagga Wagga NSW. My Bachelor of Education, Master of Education and Doctor of Education qualifications were all earned at LaTrobe University in Melbourne, Vic and were spread out over a number of years as I studied part time and worked full time. I completed my doctorate in 2004 and started work at CSU in the same year.

One thought on “How children learn to write

  1. Hi Noella,
    These studies seem to be a great match for my research. As an ex Primary School Teacher, I can relate to your research. I used a draw, Dictate, write, copy, template whilst teaching prep children and found it extremely useful for reluctant writers. I’m looking into your studies for an assignment on language development through children’s drawings for an Early Childhood Teaching Graduate Diploma. I’ve looked up the Australian Journal of Language and Literacy and some of the above-mentioned articles do not seem to be listed. I am looking for 2013, 38(4) & 2019 42(2). I hope you can help. Regards, Leone

    Hi Leone. The 2013 paper is in the Australasian Journal of Early Childhood


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