Handwriting, keyboarding, or both? That is the question.

Do you prefer to write on paper – or  – write using a computer and keyboard? Or – do you do both – for different reasons?

How important are handwriting and computer keyboarding skills in 2016?

What do you think?

I have been researching the teaching and learning of writing for a number of years. My latest study is titled: Handwriting, keyboarding, or both? That is the question.

  • To answer this question I need help from parents of school aged children and primary school teachers (current and retired).
  • The findings of the study will be reported in ways that may influence future practice in schools

If you are interested in completing an online survey (it takes approximately 15 mins to complete) please follow this link (control click) https://www.research.net/r/Handwriting_CSU


If you have any questions please email me at nmackenzie@csu.edu.au or call 02 60519405.

Becoming a Writer Project

Becoming a writer began in 2007 and has a particular focus on the relationship between talking, drawing and early writing. Each year since 2007 Noella has worked closely with preschool and early years teachers and gathered extensive data from young children. An exciting professional outcome of the Becoming a Writer Research has been the development of a short video presentation View the video[ 12 minutes long, opens in new window]. to be used by schools with parents of children starting school. The presentation is supported by a take home brochure for parents. These resources were funded and supported by the NSW Department of Education and Communities, Riverina Equity programs. In 2015, Becoming a Writer expanded into a project titles; Understanding and supporting Young Writers which was run with the Victorian Curriculum and assessment Authority with Kindergarten and Prep teachers from the Marysville Cluster and Darebin Early Years Network.

VCAA – new (2016) video for Early Childhood Professional and Parents and brochure for parents. http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Pages/earlyyears/subscribe.aspx

Writing Analysis Tool

About the Writing Analysis Tool

Writing is a complex process, and this complexity poses particular challenges when researchers and teachers approach the task of analysing young students’ writing samples. This tool is designed to map shifts over time in the range of skills and competencies young writers use to communicate intended meanings and messages using standard writing conventions. Writing samples (N=3193) were collected from 1799 students, in the two most populous states of Australia in 2010. The close analysis of 210 samples by four members of the research team supported the development of the tool. The tool and its application revealed key areas of learning and the current range of Year One students’ writing in these areas. While designed for the purpose of research, the tool has the potential to help classroom teachers capture shifts in students’ writing, assist teachers to provide feedback to students, and support teaching decisions.

Technical information

This web app is designed for desktop/laptop devices and tablet devices. It has not been optimised for mobile phones.

The recommended browsers are listed on the main application page. Though this tool is built with HTML5 and CSS3 it has only been optimised for the recommended Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers. It is also recommended that you use the latest versions of these browsers for the best experience.

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