Noella posts regularly about her research findings or special interest articles for parents and teachers of young children with a specific focus on literacy.


Noella regularly works with teams of teachers across Australia and overseas for professional development in writing and literacy.


Noella’s research focuses on literacy teaching and learning and in particular writing acquisition. Previous projects at the master and doctoral levels examined issues relating to teacher professional learning, teacher morale, the status of the teaching profession and the impact of extrinsic teaching awards on recipients and their non-recipient colleagues.

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Teaching handwriting & keyboarding in the 21st century
Professional learning self-paced study
May 29 – July 3 2023

Drawings add power to the written message. It is important that children are encouraged to combine these two modes of message making while they develop their skills in writing. It is difficult to create complex messages with writing alone when you still have much to learn about the conventions of written language.

Noella Mackenzie


Noella is an Independent Education Consultant, ALEA Senior Fellow, and Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Education at Charles Sturt University, NSW, Australia.

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