Consultancies and collaborations 2020

Camp Mamu Jeju, Sth Korea

Noella is providing mentoring and professional learning support to Angela and the teaching team at Camp Mamu.

Camp Mamu is a unique edu-vacation in Jeju created for families with children aged 50-10. Where: Phoenix Seopjikoji. What: An international team of educators running daily hands-on, interactive English programs on language, creativity and collaboration. To find out more go to

NSW Department of Education

Weaving connections between writing and reading in the early years.

Noella will be working with teams from public schools across New South Wales (NSW DoE). This project builds on from the 2019 project which involved 26 NSW DoE schools. Professional Learning sessions will provide input to school teams (Instructional Leader, teacher and school leader). The focus will be on Kindergarten teaching and learning. Provision of mentoring to a small number of identified teachers, in order to develop some video resources.

Catholic Schools Office, Sydney

Exploring the learning and teaching of writing K-2.

Noella will be providing professional learning (as well as tasks and readings) to teams of teachers and leading teachers from 10 identified schools on 4 occasions across 2020.

Mentoring of early years teachers from two volunteer schools – involves observations of lessons and provision of feedback to teachers along with support for Leading Teachers.

Catholic Schools Office, Maitland/Newcastle

Exploring the learning and teaching of writing in the early years of school

Provision of professional learning (as well as tasks and readings) to teams of teachers and leading teachers from 13 identified schools across 2020.

Tasmanian Department of Education

Literacy learning and teaching – Prep to Year 2: Going from the known to the new!

A 2 day spaced Professional Learning opportunity (May and October) looking at ways to promote early literacy development. Sessions in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport

Starting with recognition of the foundation skills children bring with them to school (the known) and building on these in order to teach the conventional literacy skills children need to be successful in school and in life (the new).

The sessions will also focus on working with the families of young literacy learners. Unpacking key strategies such as ‘Draw, Talk, Write, Share’, ‘Read Aloud’, ‘Interactive Writing’ and the ‘Writing Analysis Tool’ participants will also have the opportunity to be involved in a supported classroom inquiry between the two sessions. This PL is funded through the Learning in Families Together (LIFT) initiative.

Noella’s contact information

Po Box 789
Albury, NSW 2640
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