Writing analysis tool


This tool is designed to map shifts over time in the range of skills and competencies young writers use to communicate intended meanings and messages using standard writing conventions. While designed for the purpose of research, the tool has the potential to help classroom teachers capture shifts in students’ writing, assist teachers to provide feedback to students, and support teaching decisions. Read more in articles like:

Mackenzie, N.M., & Scull, J. (2016). Writing analysis: using the electronic analysis tool. Practical Literacy: the early and primary years, 20(2), 35-38.

Mackenzie, N.M., Scull, J & Munsie, L. (2013). Analysing writing: the development of a tool for use in the early years of schooling, Issues in Educational Research, 23(3), 375-391. http://www.iier.org.au/iier23/mackenzie.pdf

Mackenzie, N.M., Scull J., & Bowles, T. (2015). Writing over time: An analysis of texts created by Year One students. Australian Educational Researcher, 42(5) 568-593DOI 10.1007/s13384-015-0189-9

Scull, J.A., Mackenzie, N.M., & Bowles, T. (2020). Assessing early writing: A six-factor model to inform assessment and teaching

A downloadable PDF of the Writing Analysis Tool

The writing analysis tool

With student samples

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