A focus on vocabulary

Learning is fundamentally and profoundly dependent on vocabulary knowledge, however it is not until children are reading texts that involve age-appropriate vocabulary that vocabulary becomes a significant predictor of reading comprehension. Decoding, fluency, and comprehension all draw upon students’ known vocabulary. Text participation requires the reader to know the meaning of individual words and howContinue reading “A focus on vocabulary”

How children learn to write

Just recently the university created an impact narrative based upon the research work I have conducted that highlights the relationship between drawing and writing. If you are interested please click on the following link: http://innovate.csu.edu.au/impact/improving-childrens-literacy-through-drawing If this tweaks your curiosity you may like to read: Mackenzie, N.M. (2014). Teaching early writers: Teachers’ responses to aContinue reading “How children learn to write”