Language use and scaffolding writing

What follows is an excerpt from an article I wrote quite some time ago. It was published in an English journal that no longer operates, so I have taken the liberty to share this excerpt via this blog. Mackenzie, N.M (2009).Becoming a writer: Language use and ‘scaffolding’ writing in the first six months of formalContinue reading “Language use and scaffolding writing”

Parents are good at intentional teaching

This short post builds on the previous one focused on Intentional Teaching. When parents teach children to do something – they expect that the child will quickly start to build increasing control of the new process. Think about the parent teaching a child to do up their buttons. They do not start the teaching processContinue reading “Parents are good at intentional teaching”

Intentional teaching: what is it?

Hi everyone, I trust you are all keeping well and avoiding first-hand experience with COVID 19. This post has been bubbling around in my head for a while. It has come about because of teachers asking me for a definition or explanation of ‘Intentional Teaching’. I hope this very short post helps remove some ofContinue reading “Intentional teaching: what is it?”